Out these weekend. My last mix for a while. This one will be my best so far.
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Hippie Disco Funk #76

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This one is one of those Holy Grails.

Pure Fire!!!!!!!!

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I just saw a UFO!
One of the finest in my collection, and I have a original. This record is the true essence of Underground Montreal Disco. The band on this record is one of the most talented and funky I’ve ever heard. Way different than the euro stuff that everyone seeks nowadays. This is record is absolute holy grail and must be played loud every time. What’s even more amazing, and in a way a badass move is the fact that non of the players are credited. Zero information. Keeping the secret players identities safe for the producer. Absolutely brilliant move. The cut below is one of my favorite on the record, and one of my favorite disco songs of all time. Enjoy!!!